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Staff List
Senior Leadership Team:
Head Teacher Mrs Jill Armour
Depute Head Teacher Miss Kimberley King (Friday)
Acting Depute Head Teacher Mrs Alison Bone (Monday-Thursday)
Principal Teacher Mrs Hannah Wilson-Seaton

Teaching Staff:
Mrs Angela Wilson Monday & Tuesday
Mrs Jane Brown Tuesday & Wednesday
Mrs Nichola Gordon (Maternity leave)
Mrs Christina Turner Wednesday- Friday
Mrs Vicky Palmer    
Mrs Vicky Simpson  
Mrs Caitlin Allison    
Miss Michelle Martin  
Mrs Jenny Grey Wednesday- Friday
Miss Heather Stewart Monday - Wednesday
Specialist Support for Learning Teacher Miss Kimberley King

Early Learning & Childcare (ELC) Team:
ELC Team Leader Miss Wendy Thompson
Early Years Worker Mrs Caroline Joyce
Early Years Worker Mrs Jill McQuigg 
Early Years Worker Miss Kayleigh Barr
Early Years Worker Miss Charlotte Murphy
Early Years Support Worker Miss Abby Ford 
Early Years Specialist Support for Learning Teacher Mrs Ali Stevenson

School Support Assistants:
Team Leader Mrs Natalie Japp
Mrs Alison Stokes   
Mrs Michelle Gold  
Mrs Pamela Dougall  
Mrs Lorna Tolson  
Mrs Clare Hislop  
Mrs Gemma Wilson  
Miss Jill Martin  
Mrs Diane Ashe  
Mrs Lee Gentleman  
Mrs Aileen Gibson  

Education Psychologist:
Mrs Kristen Allen

Facilities Team:

Cook in Charge: 
Mrs Marion Lyons 
Catering Assistant:
Mrs Pearl Kyle

Mr Ian Denham Monday
Mrs Nicola McCaig Tuesday - Friday

Cleaning Supervisor:
Miss Emma Black

Cleaning Team:
Mrs Pearl Kyle
Miss Emma Black
Carstairs Junction Primary School Coronation Street Carstairs Junction Lanark ML11 8QY
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